Elite Encounters and Adventures

An 8-night itinerary spending 2 nights in Athens, 3 nights in Mykonos & 3 nights in Santorini

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Athens and the Greek islands, combining remarkable archaeological sites, magnificent beaches, whitewashed villages, local culture, delicious food, and great shopping! In Athens pay tribute to the famed Acropolis. In Mykonos, stroll through the whitewashed houses, narrow alleyways, and beautiful paradise beaches. In Santorini, enjoy the magnificent views and whitewashed houses perched on the edge of the cliff overlooking the Aegean sea. Be daring to ride one of the donkeys as part of the natural charm of the island.

  • Experience Athens and the famous Parthenon/Acropolis
  • Enjoy a fun food walking cultural tour in Athens
  • Stay on the beautiful cosmopolitan island of Mykonos
  • How can you not miss the island of Santorini known for its gorgeous views of the Caldera?
  • Visit traditional settlements, black sand beaches, taste unique wines, savor the local food through a private tour of Santorini
  • Enjoy a sunset catamaran boat cruise in Santorini including a swim in the hot springs, BBQ on board, and lots of fun in the Greek sun!